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I. Overseas Service Concept: sincere, devoted and lifelong service
 Dear users,
 Thank you for choosing Zongshen products which are well sold in the world. With Zongshen product, the strong power and excellent performance will bring you value, and the good quality and sincere service will bring you pleasure.

II. Job Responsibilities of Overseas Service
 Establish complete overseas after-sale service procedure and system, prepare training data for overseas service, build overseas service network, promptly respond to customer demand, and improve the competitiveness of Zongshen Brand in overseas market through quality service.

III. Scale of Overseas Service
 The overseas market of Zongshen Group is mainly distributed in more than 70 countries and regions in South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa. Zongshen products are mainly exported to Brazil, Thailand, Uruguay, Argentina, the Philippines, Columbia, Peru, Nigeria, Burma, Mexico, etc.

 1. The overseas business departments of Zongshen Motorcycle Group and Zongshen Power Group submit the requirements on overseas market service personnel for solving the service problems on technology, after-sale service, quality and training.

 2. The Overseas Service Division shall make the plan for dispatching overseas after-sale service personnel as per the overseas market demand.

 3. After the evaluation on the personnel to be dispatched abroad, the Overseas Service Division shall train them in respect of travel purpose and task before dispatching them abroad.

 4. The Overseas Commercial Departments of Zongshen Motorcycle Group and Zongshen Power Group shall be responsible for obtaining visa and other necessary permit for the personnel for going abroad.

 5. Management on the overseas after-sale service personnel abroad

 6. The Overseas Service Division shall assess the overseas service personnel as per the Performance Assessment Criteria on Overseas After-sale Service Personnel monthly.

 7. The Marketing Departments of the Groups shall rank score for the overseas customer satisfaction degree of the Overseas Service Division monthly.

 8. The Overseas Service Personnel shall collect information on the market demand of relative products, and prepare analysis report for the quality issue of Zongshen products.

 9. To analyze, classify and summarize after-sale service demand information as per market survey and feedback information of sales.

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