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Press forward energetically with enthusiasm -- a glimpse of the prize-awarding ceremony of Golden Partners of Zongshen Power of year 2009

16th May, 2010

Conversant melody express vehemence of our age; elated songs represent unchanged feelings of Zongshen Power’s staff. In the afternoon of 28th November, it is so joyful and lively in The People’s Great Hall of Chongqing, where the first prize-awarding ceremony of (2009) Golden Partner of Zongshen Power is held grandly.
The deputy director of United Front Department of the party committee of Chongqing, the secretary of leading party group of Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce Ding Xianglong, the chairman of board of Zongshen Power Zuo Zongshen, the general manager Hu Xianyuan of Zongshen Power attended the ceremony and awarded the prize.
The director of Zongshen Power Miss Zuo Ying addressed that the all prizes are crystallization of sincere cooperation between Zongshen Power and its commercial partners, also the appreciation and stimulation for the effort that they made in market development, service improvement and industrial development. On behalf of Zongshen Power, she congratulated all prize owners and thank them for their long-term trust and deep concern to Zongshen Power.
In 2009, Zongshen Power has made great progress both in technology and in performance. Even under the influence of global economic crisis, because of the partners fully cooperated with Zongshen Power, the Company overcame difficulties and pressed forward so that the performance went up instead of down, a great improvement compared with that of corresponding period in last year. In the ceremony, four prizes “Golden Prize for International Cooperation”, “Star of Value”, “Star of Good Faith”, and “Star of Vitality” are awarded to 14 most representative enterprises.
The prize-awarding ceremony was run by Shi Xiaonuo and Chen Weihong of CCTV-2. The famous movie star Huang Shengyi, singer Jiangyang Zhuoma and Qi Feng, and artists of Zhanqi Art Troupe of Chengdu Military Command gave performance with kindness. Melodious songs, gorgeous costume, colorful stage, happy smile and wonderful art feast allow distinguished guests that attended the first Summit Forum of Zongshen Compact Power Development, the partners, Zongshen Power’s employee representatives and other people, 2000 in total, witness the resplendent ceremony, and cause them longing for and expecting Zongshen Power’s future.

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