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Hu Xianyuan of Zongshen Power is elected as the best CEO of non-state listed companies in China by Fobes in 2010
11th October, 2010
Which CEO is most competent to lead the enterprise to make fortune? Fobes China released the Chinese version of the best / most expensive CEO of non-state listed companies (A share) in China in 2010 on 23rd June. The list indicates that medical sector contributes most of the best CEOs. In the numerous CEOs of listed companies in Chongqing, only the general manager of Zongshen Power (001696) Mr. Hu Xianyuan ranks among the best.
Fobes lists 50 best CEOs of Chinese listed companies in total. “Though the average net assets income rate of A share market is only 13% in past 3 years, the companies led by the 50 best CEOs obtained 22% average net assets income rate, and average annual salary of the CEOs also reach RMB 1.045 million .” Fobes China said that according to the best CEO rank, CEOs of medical industry are most competent to make money for the enterprises. In the top 50 CEOs, 11 CEOs hold offices in pharmaceutical companies.
In addition, Fobes China conducted a statistical survey on the CEOs of non-state listed companies in A-share market whose annual salary exceeds RMB 1 million. Compared to that in 2007 and 2008, the CEOs of non-state listed companies in A-share market, whose annual salary exceeds RMB 1 million increase in quantity. The number is 65 in 2009, the record high. The average annual salary of the CEOs is RMB 2.092 million. The CEO having highest salary is Frank Newman, the former CEO of Shenzhen Development Bank (has just resigned). His annual salary reaches RMB 17.41 million.
38-year-old Hu Xianyuan is selected again as one of the Best CEOs, coming in tenth. Last year, he came in third. The young Best CEO, whose annual salary is declared as RMB 0.298 million by 2009 annual report, is the only one high-level administrative official in Chongqing in the listing. It is reported that he is employed in Zongshen in 1999, and took up the post of general manager of Zongshen Power five years ago. In the impression of employers in Zongshen Power, Mr. Hu, the one taking up posts of technician, project engineer, project director, the director of Engine Development Department of Technology and Development Company, the assistant of general manager in succession, is an able man, and regarded and trusted highly by Mr. Zuo Zongshen.
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