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First Piaggio Hybrid Motorcycle Released in Italy Pavilion in Shanghai Expo

11th October, 2010

The revolutionary three-wheel motorcycle with double front wheels, Piaggio MP3 Hybrid was grandly exhibited in Italy Pavilion in Shanghai Expo on 13th June. The ambassador of Italy in China Riccardo SESSA, the chairman of board of Italy Piaggio Group Roberto Colaninno, the vice president in charge of R&D Mercanti and the chairman of board of Zongshen Industrial Group--the Chinese partner of Piaggio, Zuo Zongshen, presented on the release conference.
Introduced by Zongshen-Piaggio Joint Venture to China, Piaggio MP3 Hybrid is the first type of motorcycle in the world that is equipped with hybrid power, adopting the power mode integrating petrol engine and zero-emission electromotor. It is said that the electromotor is equipped with lithium ion battery, and its driving distance per charge can be up to 20 km, which can meet urban riding requirement completely. If it is required to drive on highway, switch it over to petrol driving mode to meet the requirements of higher power, higher speed and longer range.
In addition, the electric propulsion of Piaggio adopts kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). When the motorcycle stops at red signal during driving in urban area, the KERS can recover the excessive energy automatically and store it in battery to improve its utilization efficiency. The technology is used by many electric automotives and hybrid vehicles. It is observed that this MP3 Hybrid three-wheel motorcycle is the first step of Piaggio toward environmental protection requirement. Chairman of board Roberto Colaninno expressed at the release conference: “Green, environment protection, convenience and safety is the inevitable tendency of traffic development, for which Piaggio is striving.”
Innovative double front wheels of MP3 Hybrid redefines stability in driving, creates unprecedented driving experience. Independent tilt of the assembled two front wheels brings much more stability than the front wheel of any two-wheel motorcycle. Moreover, Piaggio MP3 utilizes VMS vehicle management system, which is electronic system used by automobile. So Piaggio MP3 Hybrid can measure up to standard of sedan absolutely in term of ECU.
In the trial driving subsequent to release conference, quite a few of Chinese motorcycle fans gave high evaluation to the consummate design concept, first-class environment-friendly configuration and manufacturing technology of Italy Piaggio. Its favorable stability and safety were verified fully. It is reported that Piaggio MP3 will come onto the market after the release conference. It is disclosed officially that sales price of the motorcycle is about RMB 99000, including value-added tax and other taxes. The new MP3 Hybrid will be sold firstly in Chongqing, Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing. At present, Piaggio MP3 Hybrids sold in China are exclusively imported products.
The chairman of board and the president of Zongshen Group addressed that launch of Piaggio MP3 Hybrid scooter brings a clean and environment-friendly means of traffic to the city attaching importance to environmental protection. Today, when energy resource is becoming shorter and shorter, urban traffic more and more congested and emission pollution more and more severe, the MP3 Hybrid will play more and more important role in urban traffic in China.
Italy Piaggio Group and China Zongshen Group founded Zongshen-Piaggio Foshan Motorcycle Co., Ltd. through joint investment and regrouping in April, 2004, into which R&D, production and marketing roll up. Its foundation initiates a new mode of cooperation with overseas partners, featured by equality, win-win and core technology in step. At present, the Zongshen-Piaggio joint venture produces motorcycle 150000 ~160000 each year, half for domestic market, half for overseas market. If the motorcycles produced by means of Piaggio OEM licensing are calculated, the joint venture produced 208000 motorcycles in 2009. Its production capacity is still increasing. In the future, Piaggio will keep cooperating with the Chinese partner, Zongshen Industrial Group to research and develop products suitable for Chinese market in such a way that the scooter with Italian origin can fit in Chinese consumption environment, and promote and push forward the generation renewal.

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