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Create perfect power by means of science and technology to surpass hopes of customers with our quality
22nd February, 2011
Since its foundation, Zongshen Power (Stock code: 001696) keeps on the course of innovation on technology and management, and becomes a large-scale privately-run enterprise with RMB 4 billion of annual production volume and RMB 0.4 billion of profit that produces compact integrated power. In the environment of rapid development, the operating team realizes that creating quality elevation and increasing core competitive power are original impetus of sustainable development of the Company. The performance excellence management model, surpassing the narrow sense of product and service quality and customer satisfaction, presents a connotation of “Wider Quality”, which is what Zongshen needs. So the Company decided to participate in the contest for the paramount prize in Chongqing quality field to push forward the implementation of performance excellence management model in the Company through applying for “Chongqing Mayor Quality Management Award”.
Holding the enterprise’s value view of “Unique and Precision, Practicality and Novelty”, the Company applies the ideology of performance excellence management, gives full play to the advantage of “Three-ability” (i.e. the abilities to seize demand, unitize innovation and rapid response) and “Four-er” (i.e. quicker than competitor in technical development, higher than competitor in quality, better than competitor in service, rapider than competitor in response speed) to improve competitive power all around and realize sustainable and healthy development.
During implementation of performance excellence management model, the mission, prospect, strategic objective and procedure of the Company are all decomposed, developed and implemented in line with main thread of development orientation and goal. Especially with regard to strategy planning and stipulating, the Company sets up a strategy committee, which analyzes internal and external environment and works out long- and middle-term strategic plans for the Company. With regard to decomposition of strategic objective, the Company draws up key performance targets in term of four dimensions, namely finance, customer and market, internal operation, study and growth, to supervise and assess performance and fulfill practically the strategy.
With the implementation of performance excellence management model, Zongshen Power builds up its core competitive power that has considerable competitive edge in the industry and can maintain a sustainable development, and obtains favorable achievement: The engine for motorcycle stands on leading position in the industry in China, and general-purpose petrol engine and agriculture and forestry machinery are also developing rapidly, ranking the top in the industry in China. The Company is keeping on improving quality awareness, upgrading method, increasing business quality and striving for surpassing expectation of customer by means of “Wider Quality”. Up to the end of 2010, the Company holds No.1 position of production and sales volume of main products in domestic industry for consecutive four years, No.1 position of profit earning capacity in listed companies in the industry in China for consecutive five years. Its profit earning capacity (net profit), operating efficiency and assets profitability (earning rate of net assets value) excels far away the competitors.
In the future, Zongshen Power will persist in its own strategy and build up the No.1 brand of compact integrated power in the world!
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