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Riding motorcycle to go home,150,000 migrant workers join in the Spring Festival Transportation

28th February, 2011

“I wear three sweaters and a top coat, two pairs of trousers, two pairs of socks, gloves, helmet….” When he got to Zhaoqing Section of National Highway 312, the army of motorcycles returning home has occupied a lane… After seven hours of riding, he reached the rest point for motorcycles. After 12 hours of arduous journey, A Rui finally gets home. ”
This is a recent news report by CCTV. A Rui, a young man who comes from Guangxi and is working in Guangdong, becomes a part of the army of migrant workers riding motorcycle home this year. After seven hours of riding, he rested for half hour at Zongshen’s service point prepared for Spring Festival transportation. Having a bowl of warm instant noodles, and maintaining free the motorcycle with the help of Zongshen’s staff, he rode for another five hours in the afternoon, and finally got home in the depth of night. Though it was late at night, his parents, knowing he will come back, were still waiting for him.
Before and after the Spring Festival each year, a greater part of Chinese people are on the run for going home. Train is naturally the cheapest and most convenient traffic means, but hard-to-get tickets cause the migratory people awkward. They cannot help but choose a cost-saving and convenient way to go home; that is, riding motorcycle.
It is heard from Zongshen Power that there were about 150,000 people riding motorcycles home in 2010. It is estimated that the number is about 200,000 this year. A responsible officer of Zongshen Power told the correspondent that though riding motorcycle to return home is a convenient way, but it is also dangerous because it is susceptible to weather, road condition and driving skill. Moreover, it is cold and inconstant before and after the Spring Festival; mountainous area are foggy; most of the returning motorcycles are seriously overloaded and not subject to complete and thorough maintenance before start-off; the road condition is so complicated that the motorcycles are worn severely; some migrant workers have to ride for a few days. The long and arduous journey results in grievous hidden danger to the safety of the workers. It is thundering hard to go home.
In order to help the migrant workers riding motorcycles to go home, the central and local government and enterprises are all providing all-around policy support and assistance to the migrant workers. It is known from ** department of Guangdong Province that just in Guangdong Province, 20,000 polices are dispatched this year to blaze a trail and convoy the returning motorcycles. When the weather is bad and visibility is poor due to rain or fog, the police will use loudspeaker on advertising vehicle to warn the motorcycle drivers to speed down to guarantee safety driving.
As one of the outstanding companies in domestic motorcycle industry, Zongshen always regards public welfare undertaking as an important way to repay the society. Considering the hard journey of migrant workers riding motorcycles in cold winter, Zongshen Group sets up 10 comprehensive charge-free service points in main arteries, namely Guangdong Zhaoqing Section, Guangdong Foshan Section, Guangxi Wuzhou Section of National Highway 321, Guangxi Cenxi Section of National Highway 324, Guangxi Xindu Section of National Highway 301, Hunan Yizhang Section and Hunan Hengnan Section of National Highway 107, Guangdong Shaoguan Section of National Highway 106, Jiangxi Longnan Section and Jiangxi Ganxian Section of National Highway 105. All migrant workers riding motorcycles home can get help from the Zongshen service points. Hot tea and hot food warm up the hearts of the migrant workers who have been riding in cold wind for more than ten hours. In the meantime, because the returning journey to Guizhou and Chongqing is long in distance, complicated in road condition and variable in weather, Zongshen Group dispatches service and medical coaches to escort the returning workers.
According to introduction of officer who is charge of the public welfare activity “Safe Journey to Home-Zongshen Helps Migrant Workers Home Happily”, there were more than 9800 motorcycles, 20,000 people passing through Guangdong Zhaoqing just in 26th January. Zongshen Zhaoqing service point on National Highway 321 provided service to more than 5000 people, among whom the elders and children exceed 300.
Spring Festival transportation is the largest-scale of short-term population migration in the world at present. More than 100 million people travel for the one goal: going home. Though it is hard, the hard condition will be overcome by the powerful common emotion. The 150,000 migrant worker riding motorcycles is a warm current in winter.

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