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Zongshen Power, Green Technology Leading Low Carbon Future

19th May, 2011

The 14th China Chongqing Investment and Global Sourcing Fair (CCIGSTF for short) was held grandly by the Ministry of Commerce, the Three-Gorges Office of the State Council, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Chongqing Municipal People's Government in Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center. The Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Bo Xilai, the Vice Chairman of National People's Congress Chen Changzhi, the Vice Chairman of CPPCC Bai Lichen, the director of Three-Gorges Office of the State Council Nie Weiguo, Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan, China International Trade Representative and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Gao Hucheng and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. The distinguished guests present at the opening ceremony also include the principals of the World Top 500 Enterprises and Chongqing’s key enterprises, delegates of governmental delegation of other cities, etc. President of Zongshen Power Group Hu Xianyuan was invited to be present at the opening ceremony.
As an international event rolling investment negotiation, global sourcing, product display up to one, the Fair attracts 47 governmental delegations of other cities in China, 106 enterprises ranking the Fortune 500, more than 100 Japanese enterprises and 1072 transnational companies to take part in the event. Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd., the key enterprise in Chongqing is invited to attend the event.
Zongshen Power pays high attention to the invitation and defines theme of “Green Technology · Perfect Power” as theme of the exhibition to demonstrate that Zongshen Power commits itself to “Petrol-to-diesel”, “Oil-to-electric” Project, product transformation to produce environment-friendly products with low carbon emission and the operation way of green, environmental protection and sustainable development. The exhibited products are mostly emerging powers such as diesel oil power, hybrid power (distance increasing equipment), pure electric power, and followed with traditional powers such as motorcycle engine, general-purpose engine, power tillers, generator sets, water pumps, etc. The fundamental color is white and green to give prominence to the concept of novelty, clean, green and environmental protection.
President of Zongshen Power, Hu Xianyuan, vice president Liu Gang, vice supervisor of Domestic Sales Company Deng Wei and other executives of Zongshen Power were present on the site, introducing the products to the guests in details. Zongshen Power’s display booth attracted governmental leaders, Chinese and foreign guests and medias due to its green and environmental protection concept, perfect products, pure and fresh design and warm reception of staff. The Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Bo Xilai, Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan and other governmental leaders visited Zongshen Power’s stand, and CCTV and other media interviewed Zongshen Power on the spot.
This CCIGSTF lasted four days and the visitors exceeded 160,000 person-times. It promotes the advanced concept of “Five-Chongqing”, recommends advantages and development opportunities in balanced development of east and west regions, balanced urban and rural development and integration into the world, displays fully the great achievements in building up in-land opening highland, acceleration  of urbanization, industrialization, internationalization and social and economic development. In the meantime, this Fair has other achievements, such as the new record of more than 100 enterprises among the Fortune 500 taking part in the Fair for the first time, and the highest increase amplitude of investment of contract projects in west region, new breakthrough in global sourcing, new concept embodied in special activities, new images recommended by the exhibition, new effect of regional cooperation, full media coverage, etc.
With the aid of the CCIGSTF, Zongshen Power not only publicizes externally low carbon emission and its business concept of green, environmental protection and sustainable development, but also promotes advanced products in the industry such as diesel power, hybrid power and purely electric power, which are appraised highly by governmental leaders and media. Zongshen Power is going to commit itself to the development of environment-friendly products with low carbon emission to return green environment to the world, and to contribute for construction of “Five-Chongqing”.

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