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Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Dedicated to Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction

23rd August, 2011
Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to energy efficiency and emission reduction.
Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd. locates in Zongshen Industrial Park in Ba’nan District, Chongqing, where flowers bloom all seasons and trees make pleasant shades. It is one of the listed companies held by Mr. Zuo Zongshen, the legendary person in China’s motorcycle industry. Since its foundation, the Company has been committing itself to developing, manufacturing and marketing motorcycle engine, general-purpose petrol engine, diesel engine and all agriculture and forestry machinery, and has grown into a specialized base manufacturing thermal power machinery that is largest in scale and has the most product varieties in China. Its product marketing covers all over the country and extends to more than 70 countries and regions, including Europe, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. During the sustainable and healthy development, the Company always takes social responsibility as basic view of value, holding on the concept of “To create, to win, to share and to thrive together” to bring benefit to society. Bending itself to environmental protection of the enterprises and its periphery, the Company is striving relentlessly for building up eco-type enterprise to achieve harmonious development of employees, enterprise and society.
As a traditional machinery manufacturer, the Company always pays attention to environmental protection in the enterprise and its periphery, makes up relatively complete management system and reward and punishment system in the aspects of energy source management, cleaner production, etc., and carries out strict control from front, intermediate and rear operation links: Firstly, the feasibility of new projects, including technical reformation, enlargement of production capacity must be demonstrated through incensement of utilization efficiency of energy source and satisfaction of China’ environmental protection requirements. Secondly, in the business, the Company establishes scientific energy consumption monitoring system and waste reuse scheme, with which most of waste material and rejects generated during production could be reused. Finally, the Company appraises and analyzes the effect of energy efficiency improvement and emission reduction comprehensively every year, invites external specialized institutes to measure and appraise the effect, asks public suggestion and advice on improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of three-waste discharge.
In past five years, the Company has invested RMB 30 million specially on energy saving and environmental protection, including 12 independently completed large-scale technical improvement projects, such as coal-to-gas of steam boiler, waste heat recovery from flue gas of boiler, energy efficient transformation of illumination system in shops, variable frequency energy efficient transformation of air compressor, variable frequency energy efficient transformation of blower in painting, oil purification, recycle and reuse, day lighting and ventilation transformation in shops, etc.; moreover, 7 large-scale environmental protection projects, such as construction and transformation of waste water treatment station, reuse of treated waste water, etc. were completed.
Up to now, specific energy consumption of core products of the Company has been reduced by more than 20%, and specific three-waste emission been reduced by more than 50% compared with those in 2004, through which the direct economic benefit caused by energy saving and emission reduction has exceeded RMB 5 million each year. In addition, the Company carries out widely deep cooperation on cascade utilization of waste heat of flue gas of smelting furnace, variable frequency energy saving of die-casting machine, and acquires favorable economic and social benefit. At present, the Company has passed the approval of or been honored the prize of ISO 14001 Environment Management System, OHSAS18001 Occupational, Health and Safety Management System, Cleaner Production System, Chongqing Circulative Economy Demonstration Enterprise, Chongqing Mayor Quality Award, Garden Enterprise, Forestry Factory, etc., and appraised highly by the competent authorities and society.
Year of 2011 is critical to strategic transformation and upgrade. The Company is propelling actively the development from fuel oil power into diesel power and pure electric power and other new energy source, increasing investment on research and development of diesel engine, electric power, China Stage III emission standard compliance project and other technical transformation and new products, speeding up technical upgrade of small hybrid power and clean power (electronic power) so as to push forward the strategic transformation from “small compact power product manufacturer” into “small compact power product, system and service supplier”, forward the upgrade of manufacture business into comprehensive service business. In addition, as an excellent listed company in China, while pursing economic benefit and protecting the right and interest of stockholders, the Company will fulfill its social responsibility by promoting further comprehensive utilization of fundamental resource, comprehensive utilization of solid waste, recycle and reuse of reclaimed resource. The Company will keep on increasing investment on energy saving and emission reduction to lay a good foundation for long-term stable development so as to promote healthy, concerted, harmonious and sustainable development of the enterprise and society.

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