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Passing on the truth, imparting knowledge and solving puzzles: be a leader, and be a teacher

25th July, 2011

Passing on the truth, imparting knowledge and solving puzzles: be a leader, and be a teacher;
The theme meeting “Dialogue with President Hu of Zongshen Power”
The meeting “Dialogue with the President” was held as scheduled in meeting room on the first floor of Zone A of new office building in the morning of 29th June, 2011. President Hu Xianyuan, vice president Wang Hongyan, deputy director of HR Dept. Jin Gang and about 400 new employees participated in the activity. This is the first communication between new employees and the president since Power Group was founded.
During “Dialogue with the President”, the new employees are very active to communicate with President Hu. The new employees, younger than 23-year-old averagely, this year's graduates mostly, put attention to the industry development tendency, enterprise’s strategic transformation and their own professional development. President Hu listened attentively to each young asker and replied practically and dispelled their doubts.
About industry development tendency
During “Dialogue”, President Hu analyzed firstly the evolution of the industry. He pointed out that the man who made kerosene lamps once must be making illumination fixtures because the industry still exists. We are producing small power of traffic facilities and small power changing life style. The traffic facilities exist as long as people exist. No matter how the society changes, products must always meet the requirement. Once our product can not satisfy social requirement, they must be changed accordingly. Then President Hu analyzed the small power changing life style: Only 5% or less people in the world can afford the general purpose engines produced by Zongshen. Let’s assume that there are 200 million people in North America and 400 million people in Europe using our products, it is only 600 million in total, less than 10% people in the world. In another words, the 90% people will use our products in the future. So you can image how big our development space is.
About strategic transformation of Power Group
Develop value chain upstream and set up Zuo Shifu platform downstream. President Hu said: “The most important requirement in the enterprise’s supply chain management is to possess core part supplier and control the whole industrial chain, which means that we should have the capital of upstream enterprises in our hands. We should find potential suppliers and foster them to serve us.” With regard to the downstream Zuo Shifu project, President Hu made a vivid comparison: Project Zuo Shifu is like the beginning of a gas company. In order to convert natural gas into benefit, the first thing is to lay piping to each house. In the construction period, there is none but investment. Payoff starts after the gas pipe network is large enough. Project Zuo Shifu is the period to lay piping. After the pipe network is set up, the one who uses our pipe will be charged for the use.
About career development of new employees
 1. 0 and 1 principle that copes with opportunity and challenge
President Hu said: “There are two choices available for us to do anything, i.e. 0 and 1. 0 means failure, and 1 means success. Doing nothing will maintain current condition forever. It is not wise. Doing it, it may be successful. New transformation means growing out of nothing. Try it and verify if you can do it and adapt to social development by stages.”
 2. It is a mistake that the graduates require their majors fitting right with their careers.
President Hu said that the only requirement of the graduates should be independent of their parents as soon as they graduate. He stressed “doing by leaning”. He believed that the high education is to shape a confident state to study better. The graduates should adjust their professional skill according to social development and their plans to adapt to development requirement.
 3. Keep ideal in heart, and demonstrate ability by action.
President Hu dissuaded the ambitious young men from pondering ideal every day. “Forget it after defining it, then bury yourself in work.” He encouraged in-factory transfer of human resource, and required all human affairs should be on the basis of career development orientation. But he opposed the profit-seeking transfer, and described the harm. He suggested that the graduates should determine their career orientation according to their own particularity to avoid mistake.
 4. After graduation, professional improvement in universities after several years of work is less valuable than practicing learned experience.
In President Hu’s opinion, study in universities after several years of work has none but a higher entry-level salary of next employment. The professional technical knowledge learned in the school has been used by corporations thirty year ago, and current technique used by the corporations is far ahead of the knowledge from the books. So it is the best way to increase and develop personal skill by groping and learning in work and promote learning and using.
In the one and half hour of “Dialogue”, President Hu analyzed the questions of new employees in many aspects, and quoted the plainest comparison to demonstrate his opinion. “Dialogue with the President” activity builds up a communication platform between high-rank leaders and new employees, which helps the enterprise know the issues that the new employees concern about, and reply them in time in such a way to increase sense of belonging of the employees and adhesive power of enterprise. This activity is a short cut for new employees to fit into the enterprise, know the industrial development and define professional development.

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